3D Procedural Generated Pirate Fantasy Game, Within
A Large World Of Islands & Habitats To Explore, Mine,
Build & Craft.

“Step into a world of adventures in our Pirate Fantasy Open World Environment!

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Coming as Soon as we can find our loving online gaming community

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YAARRGH! Me Matey! Is an adventure pirate fantasy sandbox game, set in the Victorian era, in the age of steam with a hint of advanced technology called electricity.

Sail the endless ocean looking for treasure, explore the ocean depth for ship wrecks, mine for ores or gems, build ships or settle islands, farm crops and tend livestock.

Construct and build machinery for exploring, mining, farming or crafting. Machinery can include a mining drill using a steam powered engine, mighty ships for exploration or as a mobile home, a ship converted into a flying fortress by the attachment of large balloons or construct a submarine for exploring deep oceans for sunken treasure.


Beware of the dangers that come out at night or from below the waves and always keep an eye out in the skies.

We are actively working on this project Daily with a passion to have it released for all the world to enjoy the Single & Multiplayer gaming experience.

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Walking Through The Meadows

Do you like big beautiful green meadows, than have a look at YAARRGH! Battle Island! We have grass with lovely flowers to smell, come have a whiff, but be-careful, there are some scary things and happenings on this island. Want more? Check out our video! “Waking Through The Meadows”

Battle Island

How would you survive, would you run and hide or stand your ground and fight off waves and waves of monsters, while protecting the rum! What is a Battle Island, it’s a Island where we tests multiplayer content for YAARRGH! We will be testing melee and sword combat, monster wave combat, musket and cannon combat, …

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INDEV Download

Everyone at GreedyVox Studios would like to thank you for all your love & support.

Currently as of September 2020 we are excited to announce all unpaid employee’s are now working full-time on our Early access playable game production, the Prototype version is still currently available for download. Soon we will release an Early Access Multiplayer Pirate Battle Arena for testing purposes.

(Our development team are working hard daily on our new early access build, fresh new updated textures, funky stylised models and exciting PvP ocean multiplayer capabilities. time to find a cutlass and hunt for that gold)

Click the OS Version Link below to retrieve our free Prototype INDEV  game download and start your Pirate adventure time.

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YAARRGH! Is being developed for Vulkan or OpenGL, for Windows and Linux users we highly recommend using Vulkan to get the best gaming experience, for MAC users you can only use OpenGL, you can check which version YAARRGH! Is running by clicking on the HELP button in the game menu, which will display Vulkan or OpenGL, users using OpenGL will require version 3.5 or higher. Below is a link to the Vulkan website, choose the latest version and drivers for your computer.  

Time to Hoist the sails, Ye Pirates


YAARRGH! will require a medium spec graphics card and a multi-core CPU with at least 8GB RAM to run smoothly.

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