February Progress Update

We are currently building YAARRGH! Into a game from the prototype build and we are working on the multi-player with server console, its very important we start with multi-player framework, after this we will be revamping all the models and textures, plus performance and optimisation.

GreedyVox Indie Studios has no sponsorship or publishers and that’s fine with us, cause we don’t want any publisher dictating the development of YAARRGH! With micro-transactions or overpricing our game or what direction of the development, we want YAARRGH! To be independent with what we believe a game should be.

Our 3D Artist is currently working on marketing promotional content, with the goal to reach out to a wider group of community and fans around the world. We are looking to promote our game to a greater audience and show more fans around the world what we have to offer with YAARRGH.

We are also excited to announce a new member to our team of 2, now we are developing YAARRGH with a third professional team member, designing intelligent game AI, particles & more. Great things are coming with our game, more hands will help progress the development faster. Exciting stuff ahead me matey’s.

Sorry for the slow progress in development but we don’t have any funding at all, so we have to balance life and development, hopefully one day soon there will be funding to help us, but until then, keep up to date with our newsletter, cause there is awesome news coming soon! If you would like to help us push the game further, faster & stronger please help us out with a Patreon Donation