YAARRGH! Video log 01

Our very first video log of our prototype game play, we have been very busy lately working on the early access game, which will be free to download and play, currently building the inventory and crafting features for YAARRGH!

While we are busy working hard on the new features, Inventory, Blueprints, Crafting and Items for YAARRGH! We ain’t ready to show off any of those features, so in the mean time, I decided to do a video log of our game.

We hope you enjoy our video, cause making a voxel type game, is very hard and creating a procedural sandbox world is the hardest project that I have ever worked on!

Texture Challenge

Inspired by Dota2 stylised artwork, my mission as a 3dArtist was to create our unique YAARRGH stylised texturing workflow. This workflow has to suit our current resources of 1 & 1/2 staff, so it needs to flow quickly and not hold up production time schedules.

Armed with a Designer stylised filter tutorial and a professional 3dartist email for guidance I set to work over the 2017 Christmas holidays determined to complete the task.

Building new stylised filter within Designer, not sure how this is going to work?

Finally able to control stylised look with specific filter parameters, feeling more confident at this stage.

Example of filter results within Designer, very happy at this stage with progress.

Working with low poly gaming models,  i love how we can sculpt into a high poly model and bake out detailed maps for the game, fun times are ahead.

Using the baked world space normals map from each model, i eventually was able to lock in fine details from the sculpted high poly 3D items. (Baking is commonly used to capture detailed surfaces from objects that are otherwise too dense or resource heavy to be used directly in games, film, or other types of visual media)

I focus primarily on the digital highres sculpts, so after blocking out a low poly model, I spend alot of my time getting the details in. Then i import into Painter, add base colours and apply our YAARRGH filter. New Stylised artwork ready to export into the game. After hours of trial and many, many errors at the start of this mission, YAARRGH! is now on the path to having Abstract Stylised textures and fresh models, as time goes on i will implement these new items and textures throughout our game. Learning new Stylised skills everyday with this new workflow.

Stay tuned for an awesome new look to YAARRGH!

Feature Goal’s of YAARRGH!

The future of YAARRGH! is looking very bright. We are overcoming many challenges creating the INDEV, but now it’s time to make YAARRGH! The game that many shall love and enjoy.

Here are the Feature goal lists of YAARRGH!

  • BUILD: Block building construction – Design and build houses, towers, fortresses or underground bunkers. Creating a safe place to live, survive and thrive.
  • CREATE: Ship building construction – Machinery, submarines, ships and zeppelins. Block types have different shapes, materials and functionalities.
  • MULTIPLAYER: Private or public servers. Create a local private server for you and your friends, or host a public server for anyone to join.
  • EXPLORE: Islands, Ocean and Bedrock in an endless world, with rich biome environments containing precious gems and ores, unique flora and fauna.
  • Unique Storage and Inventory system (experimental).
  • CRAFT: Create the tools, weapons, foods and items you will need to survive. With many types of resources and materials available.
  • TRADE: Kings Island for trading with NPC or players in a safe location guarded by the Kings men, where you can sell your wares for gold or buy needed resources.
  • DAVY JONES: Beware of Davy Jones and his pirate crew. Don’t be going down to his locker, be a smart captain and equip your ships with plenty of cannons and gunpowder.
  • BIOMES: Types include Polar, Desert, Mediterranean, Tropical, Marsh and Volcano Islands. Each biome supports rare special ores, monsters, animals and atmosphere.
  • LOOT: Search for hidden treasures and sunken ship wrecks of untold riches. Hunt other pirates for their booty or attack merchant vessels for swag.
  • SURVIVE: The blood moon, cold ocean depths, monsters, predatory animals and the fearsome dragons.
  • Monsters and more monsters.
  • Animals and lots of animals.

Some of the Features listed above have already been started, such as the block building construction and ship building construction.

After launching crowd funding campaign, the first goal is to finish off the block building construction for YAARRGH! 

Once complete the primary focus is on network coding, and building of the server and client.

These are very high priorities, because once completed, we will be able to release an early feature access for any fans of YAARRGH!

More monsters and animals will be added before the INDEV Release launch, such as the Lava Golem, Goblins, sheep, chickens and fish, with better and smarter AI than in the prototype built.

They will also have more complicated behaviours that affect AI reaction and thinking. 

My thoughts of where we are today

GreedyVox Indie Studios are working hard with the limited resources we have to develop the game YAARRGH! Me Matey!

With our current state of a tiny studio, the development progress is slow, our part time artist is juggling a full-time job and family, but is very passionate and working hard creating gaming content.

Myself working as the full-time engineer without any income, who dares to dream big and pushing the boundaries of my limits, all in the making of YAARRGH! Me Matey! Into a game for everyone to enjoy.

We do this not cause its hard, because we thought it would be easy, for us the journey has been tough, we have come so far that there is no turning back or quitting and we are truly passionate with our game YAARRGH!

So stay tune there is more creativity to come.


GreedyVox Indie Studios Engineer

Patreon Campaign


AARRGH Me Matey’s, Today we are launching our Patreon Campaign. We can’t wait to share new content and some exclusive rewards with you !

Our Patreon backers will have exclusive access to our YAARRGH hidden Booty.

Patreon is an Internet-based membership platform that provides business tools for developers to run a subscription content service, as well as ways for developers to build relationships and provide exclusive experiences to their subscribers, or “patrons.”

It allows developers to receive funding directly from their fans, or patrons, on a recurring basis to help deliver a product successfully.

Interested? Join us for our Patreon Campaign and gain access to Behind the Scenes and more exclusive YAARRGH content!

Regardless of if you are able to become a patron, we will endlessly appreciate all of your support, and look forward to sharing more Pirate Treasures with you soon!

YAARRGH! Me Matey! Official Release

1st July 2017 is the official release date of YAARRGH! Me Matey! GreedyVox Indie Studios first gaming title. With the INDEV “In Development” game versions for Windows, Mac and Linux, with a simple newsletter sign-up anyone can access the download page for free access to YAARRGH! INDEV game builds and receive notification when new builds are available.

GreedyVox Indie Studios wishes to thank everyone for supporting YAARRGH!

Journal Entry 1

It was a cold dark night out on the lonely ocean.

Nothing around but my freshly built ship, which i created with my dirty bare hands.

Cap’n CrazyBeard was the fiercest, most terrifying pirate on the YAARRGH seas. They said his attacks and boarding’s throughout the World had amassed him a fabulous amount of treasure, the greatest ever known. Like any good pirate, CrazyBeard trusted no one, and always kept his treasure right under his feet, in the enormous hold of his ship.

One day, he heard talk of a magnificent treasure that was to cross the sea in one of the World’s most powerful ships. It was a tremendously big galleon, and it was very well armed, but no one enjoyed stealing treasure from big ships and then sinking them more than Cap’n CrazyBeard, even though he was already so rich that he would have needed many lifetimes simply to spend the gold and jewels he had amassed.

So, the pirate carefully prepared an attack on the open sea. As ever, the boarding was a success, and they were soon busy moving the fabulous treasure from the galleon over to CrazyBeard’s ship. Without doubt, this was a formidable haul of treasure, almost as big as what CrazyBeard already had. He rubbed his hands, thinking about continuing to multiply his riches.

When they had loaded all the treasure, they sank the galleon, and the pirates prepared a great feast to celebrate the deed. As drunk as they became, they didn’t realise that their own ship was gradually sinking, since the treasure haul had been so big and heavy that the boat could not stay afloat.

By the time they realised, there was nothing that could be done. The ship went to the bottom of the sea with all its wicked pirates, led by CrazyBeard himself. And there they remain to this day, with the treasure trove that had become so huge… but that never quite managed to equal Cap’n CrazyBeard’s greed and stupidity.