Walking Through The Meadows

Do you like big beautiful green meadows, than have a look at YAARRGH! Battle Island! We have grass with lovely flowers to smell, come have a whiff, but be-careful, there are some scary things and happenings on this island.

Don’t you worry though, there are lots of barrels of Rum to drink, just make sure not to break those barrels, this Rum is very flammable.

Watch out for those Powder Kegs, cause if one of those barrels catches on fire, cha-ka-boom, that Powder is very explosive, you might just blow yourselves up.

Want more? Check out our video!

“Waking Through The Meadows”

YAARRGH! Battle Island! The Undead Skeleton Armies!

YAARRGH! Me Mateys. Do you hate the undead Skeleton hoards, then grab your swords and come join us in Battle Island! When protecting the Fairy your saving the Island, cause she is the heart of the Island, the life force, the very essence and the reason the undead hate her!

She little, she tiny but she is all Fairy, she bold, she beautiful and she fights, she not scare of no big mean Skeletons, but if there is wave after wave of undead Skeleton armies, way to many for a little tiny Fairy, she will need all your help!

How many wave of Skeleton can you and your friends fight off in protecting the Fairy and saving the Island from the undead armies.

We are releasing new content fortnightly, fixing bugs and testing features, join in to get access of YAARRGH! Battle Island.

Battle Island

Pencil drawing of Don Quixote

“Have you seen Battle Island? It’s big and beautiful, it’s like a battle arena where you fight with your friends and skeletons alike.”

– Maximus Lawsy

How would you survive, would you run and hide or stand your ground and fight off waves and waves of monsters, while protecting the rum!

What is a Battle Island, it’s a Island where we tests multiplayer content for YAARRGH! We will be testing melee and sword combat, monster wave combat, musket and cannon combat, all with building, crafting and mining, everything we need to test for multiplayer content for a sandbox game.

This is the very first build of Battle Island, YAARRGH! Testing ground, become an early adopter and join in the fun, fight ye matey and welcome to the jungle.

It’s Been Awhile


Why so quite, what have we been doing and where are we up to?

We have been working on some new and very important features for YAARRGH!

After a very disappointing year called 2020 and personal life matters, we have been off-line for awhile, but over the last six months, we have been establishing our Studio and started redesigning YAARRGH! from a prototype to gaming title.

We been hard at work making YAARRGH! Multiplayer, so now you will be able to play with your friends and family, you can even run a server for anyone to join. We created a beautiful ocean, like you have never seen before, an ocean with awesome shader effects, ready for you to sail the open seas in your old leaky boat. We also now have 3D volume clouds, where you can fly airships into the big blue sky, or hide in those fluffy white clouds as you travel through the endless world of YAARRGH!

Currently we been running networking tests in a mock up world environment and everything is coming along nicely, our current status. We have melee combat and pvp battles, blowing up stuff, run around forever in a endless world and soon will be implementing Ai mobs for testing over the Internet.

HollowHeart who has joined our team, has been hard at work improving and adding new features for Mob Ai, with how Mobs behave and interact within YAARRGH! We have Bad-B-Billy working on a new player character controller with plenty of rich features and will be remodeling everything with new stylised 3D graphical art. Maximums Lawsy, will be rebuilding the world with faster and bigger procedural world content and of course adding networking infrastructure for Server and Client game modes.

You can help us by signing up for our newsletter, follow us on social media links (botton of page) or buy us coffee through our donation platforms, any help is very much appreciated.

YAARRGH! Video log 01

Our very first video log of our prototype game play, we have been very busy lately working on the early access game, which will be free to download and play, currently building the inventory and crafting features for YAARRGH!

While we are busy working hard on the new features, Inventory, Blueprints, Crafting and Items for YAARRGH! We ain’t ready to show off any of those features, so in the mean time, I decided to do a video log of our game.

We hope you enjoy our video, cause making a voxel type game, is very hard and creating a procedural sandbox world is the hardest project that I have ever worked on!

Texture Challenge

Inspired by Dota2 stylised artwork, my mission as a 3dArtist was to create our unique YAARRGH stylised texturing workflow. This workflow has to suit our current resources of 1 & 1/2 staff, so it needs to flow quickly and not hold up production time schedules.

Armed with a Designer stylised filter tutorial and a professional 3dartist email for guidance I set to work over the 2017 Christmas holidays determined to complete the task.

Building new stylised filter within Designer, not sure how this is going to work?

Finally able to control stylised look with specific filter parameters, feeling more confident at this stage.

Example of filter results within Designer, very happy at this stage with progress.

Working with low poly gaming models,  i love how we can sculpt into a high poly model and bake out detailed maps for the game, fun times are ahead.

Using the baked world space normals map from each model, i eventually was able to lock in fine details from the sculpted high poly 3D items. (Baking is commonly used to capture detailed surfaces from objects that are otherwise too dense or resource heavy to be used directly in games, film, or other types of visual media)

I focus primarily on the digital highres sculpts, so after blocking out a low poly model, I spend alot of my time getting the details in. Then i import into Painter, add base colours and apply our YAARRGH filter. New Stylised artwork ready to export into the game. After hours of trial and many, many errors at the start of this mission, YAARRGH! is now on the path to having Abstract Stylised textures and fresh models, as time goes on i will implement these new items and textures throughout our game. Learning new Stylised skills everyday with this new workflow.

Stay tuned for an awesome new look to YAARRGH!

Inventory System

For January 2018, we have been busy little bees working hard on the new game inventory system for YAARRGH! Just two major game design to go before YAARRGH! Can be at the alpha game stages, no more prototyping, an actual game. The first design stage is the inventory system and than after that, the multi-player network design.

No Image
YAARRGH! Player Inventory

This is our first design draft of a game inventory system for YAARRGH! The next stages of the design draft will also include Crafting and Blueprints and the final stages will have random chest, player attributes and item spawning. This will be a boring technical documentation, show casing the technologies and design patterns for handling game data inside of YAARRGH!

No Image
Unity development of the player inventory

Most of the time we try to make our videos or documentation funny but sometimes we will also touch on some technical information as well, however I personally try not to dive in to deep, cause most of the people reading our blogs just enjoy playing games but for anyone interested in modding games, this type of documentation would be of more interesting reading.

No Image
XML data for all inventory type design

All of YAARRGH! Game data is store in XML files and all images are stored as texture packs, located in the game directory (Streaming Assets), here anyone can mod these files. We load images into texture arrays after slicing up a texture pack, all XML data is disputed throughout the game using ECS (Entity Component System) design pattern.

No Image
Random texture pack for testing

I have created a data editing tool for development of YAARRGH! This tool in the below screen-shot is used for Add/Edit/Delete game items in the Item XML file, but anyone could preform edits directly on the XML file for modding purposes.

No Image
Custom unity tool

Entity Component System design pattern is what we are using for handling all of the game data for YAARRGH! Why I have chosen to use it, is because all of my software engineer career, I have developed data driven Application & Websites, so this makes sense to me, plus way easier for bug finding and testing, REM out a component system will not corrupt your project and allowing the separating of individual systems.

No Image
XML data of the items

Please note that all texture used in these screen-shots are for testing purposes only and will not be in the final product.