YAARRGH! Battle Island! The Undead Skeleton Armies!

YAARRGH! Me Mateys. Do you hate the undead Skeleton hoards, then grab your swords and come join us in Battle Island! When protecting the Fairy your saving the Island, cause she is the heart of the Island, the life force, the very essence and the reason the undead hate her!

She little, she tiny but she is all Fairy, she bold, she beautiful and she fights, she not scare of no big mean Skeletons, but if there is wave after wave of undead Skeleton armies, way to many for a little tiny Fairy, she will need all your help!

How many wave of Skeleton can you and your friends fight off in protecting the Fairy and saving the Island from the undead armies.

We are releasing new content fortnightly, fixing bugs and testing features, join in to get access of YAARRGH! Battle Island.